CRUX PPC full 64bit is coming soon

I know, It’s a bit frustrating to own a 64bit machine and run 32bit binaries … so I’ve bootstrapped a 64bit CRUX-PPC system. CRUX-PPC 64bit as the 32bit version will be (is) based on a multilib toolchain this make possible to compile 32bit binaries (and run 32bit binaries). CRUX-PPC 64bit share the 32bit version ones, … Continue reading CRUX PPC full 64bit is coming soon

Call for a PowerPC based notebook

My iBook is definetevly dead. Altough I’m owning (as a CRUX-PPC developer) an YDL PowerStation and a Sam440ep, I feel more difficult developing for the PowerPC architecture without a notebook based on that, because I can’t carry with me that machine (PowerStation and Sam440ep) as a notebook, and I have to go about everyday to … Continue reading Call for a PowerPC based notebook

CRUX PPC 2.4 Released!

The long waited CRUX PPC version 2.4 multilib is now available. Supports Apple 32bit “NewWorld” G3, G4 and Apple 64bit G5, Genesi PegasosII and Efika, Acube Sam440ep, YDL Powerstation, IBM Intellistation POWER 185 and IBM Chrp 32bit. To increase CRUX PPC usability and enjoyability, starting from 2.4 we do provide ports and pre-compiled for the … Continue reading CRUX PPC 2.4 Released!