Writing CUDA applications using the D programming language

On the release note of Fedora 14 there is the introduction of the support for developing using the D programming language, so I've readed something on that language and I feel that probably I can actually use it, the main interesting feature for me is the simple interoperability with code written in C. So just … Continue reading Writing CUDA applications using the D programming language

gVirtuS: the first beta release

We are proud to announce the first beta release of gVirtuS. gVirtuS allows an instanced virtual machine to access GPGPUs in a transparent way, with an overhead  slightly greater than a real machine/GPGPU setup. gVirtuS is hypervisor independent, and, even though it currently virtualizes nVIDIA CUDA based GPUs. The software, developed for research applications, is … Continue reading gVirtuS: the first beta release

Using Nvidia drivers on Fedora 12 with DKMS

Although it sucks too much using closed source software, someone wants or have to use that. It's the case of Nvidia graphics drivers: someone wants them to obtain better performances, others have to use them because their adapters don't work well with open source drivers, and others (like me) have to use Nvidia closed drivers … Continue reading Using Nvidia drivers on Fedora 12 with DKMS

Fedora 11 Release Party Napoli

When and Where Thursday, June 18 11:30 am onwards Location: University of Naples "Parthenope" - Faculty of Science and Technlogies, Centro Direzionale di Napoli Isola C4 Responsible Ambassadors Giuseppe Coviello Attendees Gianluca Varisco ... add yourself here! ... Program 11.30: "Welcomes to the conference" by Prof. Giulio Giunta 11.50: "Fedora 11, New Features" by Gianluca … Continue reading Fedora 11 Release Party Napoli

Using ZFS for home partition on Fedora

ZFS is a great filesystem: it’s based on a copy-on-write transactional model, it supports dynamic striping of data across all devices, it supports a transparent compression and many more features, but the more interesting feature to me is the support for snapshot and clones. I feel interesting snapshots and clones primarily for backups: using a … Continue reading Using ZFS for home partition on Fedora