ilenia-3.2 released!

Someone goes to the beach some goes to the mountain, everyone goes on holiday; I make a new release!
ilenia-3.2 comes out with some interesting features (and some less interesting ones, of course); ilenia-3.2 has a log system to monitor installing/upgrading/removing of ports, like the other features the log system can be enable or disabled via the configuration file.
Another new feature of ilenia-3.2 is the check for rejected files while installing packages; after an installation or an upgrade ilenia can look for rejected files and warn the user and optionally run rejmerge.
A long time ago Biscuttiello said that he had to install a port but he didn’t want to update the dozens dependencies of that port, and he asked me for a feature that can disable the updating of dependencies while installing a new package; I thought that a feature like that can be potentially dangerous, and also the port to install wouldn’t compile or work if it depends on new features, but Biscuttiello is the master of his system (like any user is the mastes of his system) and ilenia is his servant, and he says what he do, and then i added the
‘–just-install’ option that makes ilenia to just install a port and his dependencies and doesn’t update outdated ones.
Finally the last new feature of ilenia-3.2 is the setting on the xterm (and compatibles) title bar a message displaying the action that ilenia is doing; this feature can be disabled or enabled via the configuration file.
Happy holiday!

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