CRUX PPC 2.5 Release Candidate 3

Remember this CRUX PPC full 64bit is coming soon? I was trying to build a full 64bit CRUX PPC system (and intallation iso). Now we got it!

CRUX PPC 2.5 Release Candidate 3 is distribued as two different installation iso, one for 32bit systems and another one for the 64bit ones. The 64bit version isn’t just a recompilation of the 32bit: the 32bit version is based on a single lib toolchain, instead the 64bit one comes with a multilib toolchain. As discussed in the precedent post, the two versions share the same ports tree, infact a little subset of ports need some changes for using on the different platform, for example the toolchain ports (binutils, glibc, gcc, libgmp, libmpfr); to know for which platform the ports is being compiled we relay to the bash environment variable HOSTTYPE (and MACHTYPE). These variables are setted automatically by bash with the value obtained on compile time as the host for which it is being compiled. For not breaking the strange ring we need to “force” the bash port to compile for the hosttype on which we’re compiling it.

Many packages although being built using the same Pkgfile can significantly differ in footprint if they’re built on 32bit or 64bit system (think at /usr/lib and /usr/lib64 and so on), so we provide two footprint for every port, on for 32bit host and another one for 64bit host. A little change in pkgmk had been needed: pkgmk should look at .footprint.$HOSTTYPE and no at .footprint anymore. This is a little change but it could be the base for an unified multiarchitecture ports tree (or I hope so)!

With this little hack we can use the same ports tree and we can’t risk to mess the system with 32 and 64bit binaries.

The 32bit is based on a single lib toolchain to provide a lighter system, I guessed that no one that is using a 64bit machine wants to run a 32bit system if it’s disponible the same system with 64bit binaries. Instead the 64bit version is based on a multilib toolchain so it is made possible to build binaries for powerpc32 on 64bit machines (think, for example, at me: building binaries for the Sam440ep on the YDL PowerStation).

But now, it’s time to test it:

The 32bit version:

The 64 bit version:

Warning: the 32bit version doesn’t boot on 64bit hosts.

Please give us feedback on the CRUX PPC forum:

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