Fedora 11 Release Party Napoli

When and Where

  • Thursday, June 18
  • 11:30 am onwards
  • Location: University of Naples “Parthenope” – Faculty of Science and Technlogies, Centro Direzionale di Napoli Isola C4

Responsible Ambassadors


  1. Gianluca Varisco
  2. … add yourself here! …


  • 11.30: “Welcomes to the conference” by Prof. Giulio Giunta
  • 11.50: “Fedora 11, New Features” by Gianluca Varisco
  • 12.20: “Free Software availment in italian universities” by Carlo Palmieri
  • 12.40: “Presentation of the new magazine PaperUni” by Marielvira Matrone
  • 13.10: “Open lunch and free speech”
  • 14.30: “Workshop: realizing a scientific cluster using Fedora” by Giuseppe Agrillo
  • 15.30: “About the NaLUG” by Gianfilippo Giannini
  • 15.50: “The Fedora project, the community, the ambassadors” by Gianluca Varisco
  • 16.20: “Future projects, distribution of gadgets and final regards” by Giuseppe Coviello

  • 23.00: Party restarting at Arenile Reload




  • Contact: Giuseppe Coviello (cjg@fedoraproject.org).

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