Changed the format of the gVirtuS configuration file

Starting from the changeset 266 gVirtuS doesn’t have anymore an XML configuration file, the new format is the simple .properties one.

A .properties file is just a collection of key-value separated by a colon, like in:

key: value

Comments are supported, a comment starts with the “#” character and ends at the end of the line.

I was feeling that XML format was to complex for the simple configuration stuff needed by gVirtuS, and in this way it isn’t needed anymore to link gVirtuS binaries against the expat XML parser library.

At the moment it is needed just a configuration entry for running gVirtuS: the communicator. The communicator configuration entry is more a structure than a simple value (i.e. it is needed to specify the type of the communicator and the parameters for the type), to pack all the needed informations in a single string it is used an URL like syntax, so the value of the communicator entry is something like:

type://paremeter_1:parameter_2:...:paremeter _n

A “real life” sample that uses an AfUnix communicator bounded on /tmp/gvirtus with read and write permissions for everyone is:

communicator: afunix:///tmp/gvirtus:0666

The communicators supported ad the moment, with respective configuration entry, are:

  • afunix, afunix://path:mode
  • shm, shm://
  • tcp, tcp://hostname:port
  • vmshm, vmshm://hostname:port

Starting from the same changeset is shipped a default configuration file that it is automatically installed in the default location.

Please tell me what do you think about this change!

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