BlifPad is a simple editor for Berkeley Logic Interchange Format (blif) files.
It provides also a simple graphical interface to Berkeley SIS.

Blifpad does not include the SIS simulator, so for using the simulation and synthesis functionality it is needed to install the SIS framework, it is possible to obtain more information about SIS as well the sources and some required patches to build it on current systems on its official web site: It is possible to download an unofficial build of SIS for windows from


Release 0.3 – 19/01/2007

Sources BlifPad-0.3.tar.gz
Executable Jar BlifPad-0.3.jar
MacOSX App BlifPad-0.3.dmg
Windows 32 Executable BlifPad-0.3.exe

Release 0.2 – 08/11/2006

Sources blifpad-0.2.tar.gz
Executable Jar BlifPad-0.2.jar
MacOSX App BlifPad-0.2.dmg


Release 0.3

BlifPad on GNU/Linux

BlifPad on MacOSX

BlifPad on Windows XP

Release 0.2

Building from sources

BlifPad is written in java, to obtain an executable java archive (jar) just run

% make

from the topdir directory.

GNU/Linux, *BSD and others

If you’re using a system that supports standards (for handling
mime types and launchers) go into the freedesktop subdirectory and run

% make 
% make install

To obtain a valid MacOSX .app application go into the macosx subdirectory and

% make


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