Property for Sale: Vari, Syros, Cyclades, Greece

36963sft (3434sqm) of residential land in the locality Vari (prefecture of Posidonia), Syros island (Cyclades, Aegean Sea), Greece.

The real estate is street front and it is composed by two adjacent lots (1666sqm + 1768sqm, 17933sft + 19031sft).

Each batch has a pre-approved buildability of 400sqm (4305sft) for residential purpose, but it can be extended for hotel accommodation.

The real estate is located 800m (2625ft) from the shore of Vari, 5km (3mi) from the town of Ermoupoli, 4km (2.5mi) from the airport and 5km from the sea-dock.

Please find more info, as well as the contacts of the seller, on

Decaffeinated: experiencing the effects of caffeine by its abstinence

“I don’t believe in caffeine!” main-qimg-34a7d66cf8205b6f739409cf59ed34ebI found myself repeating that sentence more than once, while hearing colleagues or friends talking and debating about the effects that caffeine has on them.

It is said that caffeine gives addiction, that, in a moderate dosage, it can help the humor and increase the alertness; people drink coffee or other caffeinated beverages when they feel drowsy or when they need to stay up, many affirm that they cannot work or study if they don’t have coffee.

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NECLA’s Annual Volleyball Tournament 2013: the Champions!

The Computing Systems Architectur team, winner of the tournament

The Computing Systems Architecture team, winner of the tournament

Nerd Test

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